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From "Tim Gleason" <tglea...@gmail.com>
Subject Incomplete transactions on recovery (embedded)
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2007 16:40:35 GMT
I'm doing something I think is pretty simple, but I'm getting
unexpected results.  After a few hours of googling, I still don't
understand what I don't understand ;)  So, I'm sorry for spamming this
list if this is a dumb question.

I'm using derby via embedded JDBC.  I do a bunch of work in a single
transaction, then commit.  If the system fails during the operation of
a single transaction, I expect a rollback on system restart (for
embedded, I /assume/ that means once I've connected to the db again --
but this might be my problem).

In testing my system, I killed the process in the middle of the
transaction.  On restart, I expected all of the work done in that
(partial) transaction to be removed.  But it wasn't.  The affects were
still there -- and visible to a new transaction.  This is not what I
would expect.

Is there something specific that needs to be done to force derby to
roll back incomplete transactions?  Is this specific to embedded
derby?  Is there something simple I'm missing?  [In case anyone
wonders, yes I did set autocommit to false on the JDBC connection.]

Thanks for your help,

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