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From Egil Sørensen <e...@stud.ntnu.no>
Subject Re: Internal Statements in Derby
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2007 09:04:03 GMT
Ok, I have been shown how the network server works and a suggestion  
was to create a DRDAConnectionThread for the Hot Standby Controller  
and then close the clientConnectionThread to create an internal  
connection to the database.

What I mean by "from inside the same database" is that the source  
code for the log receiver is implemented inside the derby dbms source  
code (org.apache.derby.impl.services.net.logreceiver). When logs are  
received here these need to be redone and reflected on the dbms  
running this code.


- Egil Sørensen

On Feb 21, 2007, at 5:03 AM, Bryan Pendleton wrote:

>> I am shipping logical log records from node to node. However these  
>> can be converted into sql and in that way be redone by a normal  
>> jdbc-statement. However, will it work to open an external jdbc- 
>> connection to the database from the inside of the same database?
> Yes, you should be able to open multiple connections to the
> same database. Each connection will behave as a separate transaction,
> so be careful to ensure that you don't deadlock upon yourself.
> What do you mean "from the inside of the same database"? Does this
> mean that you are running from inside a trigger, or a database  
> procedure,
> or some special situation like that?
> thanks,
> bryan

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