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From "Andrew McIntyre" <mcintyr...@gmail.com>
Subject testing javadoc
Date Sat, 24 Feb 2007 06:36:02 GMT
On 2/23/07, Dag H. Wanvik <Dag.Wanvik@sun.com> wrote:
> Is there a reason why the testing javadocs are not generated by the
> javadoc target? I noticed they were not.. and I needed to consult them
> on getting up top speed on the JUnit framework.

Inertia? Procrastination? Because this is only the second time anyone
has brought it up? :-)

Dan and I talked about it a while ago, but no one seemed very
interested at the time and I had put it on the back burner because I
knew there would be a lot of javadoc errors lurking in the test tree.
But, I've been wanting javadoc for the test tree lately, too.

So, I cleaned up all the javadoc in the test hierarchy up and made a
target for it. With revision 511226 I've made a new target
'testingdocs' to javadoc the test tree and hooked it into the
top-level javadoc target.

Note that I left out the jdbc4 test suite from the target, as I didn't
have jdk16 on my machine at the moment. If someone else would like to
create an alternate target that docs everything if jdk16 is available,
they should feel free to do so. Since I didn't try to build the jdbc4
test javadoc, I'd bet that there are still some javadoc errors hiding
in there.

Committed too late for the javadoc build that gets synced to the
website, but it should show up at:




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