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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Q: Should Derby 10.3 be Derby 11?
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 20:23:46 GMT
Rick Hillegas wrote:
> Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
>> Rick Hillegas wrote:
>>> Thanks, Dan. I have updated the wiki page to clarify that the 
>>> restrictions depend on authentication.
>> Thanks, two more questions:
>> In the first table there is the phrase "Among other side-effects"
>> What are these side effects, as it is it doesn't really help anyone 
>> make a judgment call as to if they will be effected or not?
>> In the first table there are the phrases "instrument her code" and
>> "instrument the rest of her application". I don't know what 
>> "instrument" means here, could you expand on what such a user would 
>> need to do?
>> I update the sections a little to be clear on if authentication was 
>> system or database, feel free to modify if what's I've changed is wrong.
>> Thanks,
>> Dan.
> Thanks for the additional feedback. I have tried to clarify the 
> incompatibility entries for the secure server.

Thanks, I modified the page to make it reflect reality. Simply adding 
privilege blocks will not work when running with policy file installed 
by the network server.

Also removed the "may affect", since there's no "may" about it, 
operations in routines that need security checks will fail with the 
security policy installed by the network server.


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