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From scott hutinger <S-Hutin...@wiu.edu>
Subject Re: dita 1.3.1 (no asl?) and fop.93
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 17:45:38 GMT
Laura Stewart wrote:
> On 2/2/07, Jean T. Anderson <jta@bristowhill.com> wrote:
>> scott hutinger wrote:
> ...
>> > I think the important thing, is to move over to fop.93 if possible.  I
>> > started, but didn't know enough about the structure needed (although
>> > it's fairly simple), and got sidetracked.  The updates to indexing etc
>> > in DITA are not related to standard fo xslt, as I looked at the 
>> plugin.
>> > I think the current indexing is fine isn't it?  I can't remember 
>> much of
>> > what Jeff said needed fixed.
>> >
>> > scott
Neither one of these fix that problem.  The fix is due to the  dita 
files in the derby docs /lib directory.  These files currently replace 
some of the DITA_OT files, so indexing and other items (I don't know 
what all it fixes for the derby docs).

To move up to fop.93, the  files in the /lib directory need to be 
updated to work.
To move up to DITA1.3.1, the /lib directory in the derby docs should be 
updated to the 1.3.1 code base of DITA.  Which means looking at the 
diffs between the current DITA version used currently, and 1.3.1.  I 
don't think much has happened in the FOP portion though.  One could just 
move up to DITA1.3.1, and replace the files with the current derby 
files, and it might work.  Although I can't remember if I tried that.  
But they should really be updated to the 1.3.1 base, although I am not 
certain what would be gained.  I'm certain something would be gained.

Does anything exist in the current index that isn't working?  I know 
Jeff had a list of items, but don't know if he was having any problems 
with indexing?

> The indexes are in place in the DITA source files. However, the index
> it's self is not being generated.  I am hoping that either FOP .93 or
> te 1.3 toolkit will fix that problem :-)

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