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From scott hutinger <S-Hutin...@wiu.edu>
Subject dita 1.3.1 (no asl?) and fop.93
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 16:45:44 GMT
I'm looked into moving to the newer .93 fop, which removes some of the 
older fox (fop extensions) and moves into the fo name space.
I looked at a lot of different 'things'.  I did find that DITA-OT1.3.1, 
(which doesn't have a release in ASL that I can see), uses fox:label 
etc, which is why the default build with fop.93 doesn't generate 
bookmarks etc in OT1.3.1, and I think some patches still fix the 
indexing problems with dita.

Jean knows more about the DITA ASL license, as she is the one that got 
the ASL stuff going in DITA.  But I think the move to 1.3.1 wouldn't 
work until the ASL license anyway.

I think the important thing, is to move over to fop.93 if possible.  I 
started, but didn't know enough about the structure needed (although 
it's fairly simple), and got sidetracked.  The updates to indexing etc 
in DITA are not related to standard fo xslt, as I looked at the plugin.  
I think the current indexing is fine isn't it?  I can't remember much of 
what Jeff said needed fixed.


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