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From "Sanket Sharma" <sanketsha...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Comments on JMX patch (DERBY-1387)
Date Sat, 23 Dec 2006 15:52:24 GMT
Hi David.

Just to let you know I'm still around!

How are you? I'm sorry for not keeping you updated over last few days.

So without any more delay, let me get back to work.

First of all, my work on removing dependencies is over. I created a
very small annotation based tool for generating ModelMBeans. I'm still
testing it, but I guess I'll put it in next release.
> - We need unit tests for this.  But again that can be a separate patch
> after we get this initial one checked in.
Can you please help with that? I have written unit test but not sure
what those will be in JMX? Will those be whether exposed attributes
and methods are visible and accessible or more?

> - In your patch, each of the new files repeats the contents twice and it
> won't build until you manually clean up the files

I've fixed that. This seems to be some issue with Tortoise SVN I used
on Windows.
> - As Andreas mentioned, we need to be able to build Derby with JDK 1.4
> even with the JMX stuff in there.  You need to fix build.xml to
> conditionally

Since we have JMX RI available for JDK 1.4 we can even build it on JDK 1.4.
I'll fix the script anyways.

> - Please modify BUILDING.txt to indicate that you need the JMX extension
> jar to build Derby.  See the existing paragraphs for other dependencies
> for examples on how to do this

All rightee...
> - After doing ant buildjars, when I tried the following command in
> jars/sane:
> java -Dderby.jmx=true -jar derbyrun.jar server start
> I got the following exception.  I think it's because the JMX stuff is
> not being correctly added to the jar files.  How have you tested your
> JMX functionality?

Yes, I did test my functionality and it seemed fine. There was some
post (forgot who) which confirmed it.

I'll upload my work as second patch within next 2-3 days and discuss
the rest once done.

Best Regards,

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