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From Saurabh Vyas <Saurabh.V...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Should be a statement with error allowed to do a rollback of the active transaction
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2006 18:12:44 GMT
So what you mean to say that rolling back of transaction should be 
dependent on the application's behavior. If my understanding is correct, 
then in DERBY-2017, the way I tried to handle the case in not correct.
How this case should be handled then?


Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
> Julius Stroffek wrote:
>> In this case, user may have troubles - for example when executing an 
>> sql script through ij with autocommit off - the part of the 
>> transaction code would be rollbacked and part of the code will be 
>> committed by the following commit.
> ij is not intended as an application tool to manage transactions, it's 
> a simple scripting tool.
> I believe Derby works in this respect as all other relational 
> databases  do and follows the SQL standard (section 4.33.5). The 
> statement rollback allows applications to make different decisions 
> within a transaction context without having to re-start from scratch 
> each time, e.g. if an update to a stock item violates the constraint 
> that the stock level should never be less than zero, then the 
> application can take an alternate path to issue a statement that 
> results in a back-order.
> Dan.
>> When an error is produced by the transaction transaction may get to 
>> the abort state and the following commit or rollback will always 
>> perform a rollback of the transaction. This ensures that the whole 
>> transaction would be rollbacked. The statements following after the 
>> statement with the error will always throw an exception (something 
>> like the "Transaction is in abort state").
>> Cheers
>> Julo
>> Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
>>> Some exceptions are transaction level, such as deadlock or lock 
>>> timeout, thus an error from a statement can rollback the transaction.

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