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From "Myrna van Lunteren" <m.v.lunte...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: derbydocs errors -- how do I get the actual error message?
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2006 22:55:54 GMT
On 11/4/06, Bryan Pendleton <bpendleton@amberpoint.com> wrote:
> With the current head of trunk, the command "ant derbydocs"
> seems to fail for me. The tail of the output is:
>   [javadoc] Loading source file /home2/bpendleton/src/derby/work/trunk/java/tools/org/apache/derby/tools/dblook.java...
>   [javadoc] Loading source file /home2/bpendleton/src/derby/work/trunk/java/tools/org/apache/derby/tools/ij.java...
>   [javadoc] Loading source file /home2/bpendleton/src/derby/work/trunk/java/tools/org/apache/derby/tools/sysinfo.java...
>   [javadoc] 2 errors
>    [delete] Deleting directory /home2/bpendleton/src/derby/work/trunk/javadoc/temp
> Total time: 16 seconds
> Does this mean that the errors are in sysinfo.java? Or is it just the last
> file that javadoc touched?
> Can somebody else please confirm whether or not "ant derbydocs" works for
> them, so I can tell if this is just a problem in my environment?
> I'm running Java 1.4.2 and Ant 1.6.5 on RH Linux. The same error happens for me
> on Java 1.4.2/Ant 1.6.5 on Windows XP.
> thanks,
> bryan
Hi Bryan,

I svn updated my trunk, ant clobbered then did ant derbydocs and
actually got 4 errors... 2 of those were because of non-checked-in
files floating about in my environment (didn't know it would complain
about that), the other two are Illegal package errors.
Look for the string 'javadoc:' in the output and you will probably
find the problems, I saw:
  [javadoc] javadoc: Illegal package name:
  [javadoc] javadoc: Illegal package name:

I'm not sure what this means, if I get energetic I'll look around.

Java 1.4.2/Ant 1.6.5. Windows XP.


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