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From Ravinder Reddy <pand...@students.iiit.net>
Subject hi..plzz read this..!!!
Date Sat, 18 Nov 2006 19:16:51 GMT

 	hello all,
 		I am Ravinder Reddy studying B.tech 3rd year in 
IIIT,Hyderabad- India.As my B.Tech project I am planning to implement 
'speculative locking protocol' to Derby.For this I need some help from 
developers like you in  understanding  the architecture of derby and
achieving the project goal.plzz suggest me where can I start to understand 
the code and how can I get maximum benefit.
 		I know this is very complex/large work to do.We are a 
group of 2 people and we have (nearly) 9 months time and we are very much 
interested in database Systems and Java.
 		Considering all the factors plzz guide us to do the 
project effectively.

Q)   what is this 'speculative locking protocol'?.
 	2-phase locking protocol is widely used in database system to 
achieve concurrency control of transaction management.This speculative 
locking protocol is newly proposed locking protocol that outperforms
over 2-phase locking. we want to show this by implementing for an
opensource Database System.So we have chosen Derby.

Q)  why we have chosen Derby?.
 	It is prototype DatabaseSystem.
 	It is in developing stage.
 	we are java geeks.
 	and many more......!!!!!

 		Hoping for a Positive responce..!!
 		Thank U in advance n sorry for spamming..!!

Ravinder Reddy

    Every problem that has been solved can be solved again in a better way
                                                   - My Self

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