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From Rajesh Kartha <karth...@gmail.com>
Subject Issues that are fixed in trunk and needs to be reviewed for porting to 10.2 branch
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2006 06:59:17 GMT

I am yet to find a simple way in JIRA to review the list of  issues 
which are fixed in trunk and could be ported to

Anyways, I wrote a simple utility to dump all the DERBY related JIRA 
data into a database and enable me to
run SQL queries.
(If the community thinks such a utility might be useful for Derby, I am 
more than happy to contribute that).

Based on that, please find attached the current list of JIRA issues that 
are candidates for porting to the
10.2 branch. My query was:

"select jira_issue, component,fixversions, title from jira_issues where 
Resolution='Fixed' and affectedversions!=''
and fixversions='' and type='Bug' and component not in 
('Test','Regression Test Failure') order by component;"

I have excluded the Test component. My initial review of the full list 
shows that the following issues needs to be
considered for porting to the 10.2 branch:

DERBY-1732     |Store         |          |[DERBY-1732] The 
language and store systems treat a JVM error such
OutOfMemoryError differently leading to the raw store pro&
DERBY-1304     |SQL         |          |[DERBY-1304] DROP view 
does not always completely remove 
DERBY-1589     |SQL         |          |[DERBY-1589] CREATE 
TABLE throws NullPointerException in
Derby SQL Standard Authorization after DROPs and REVOKES              
DERBY-1716     |SQL         |         |[DERBY-1716] Revoking 
select privilege from a user times out when
user still have a cursor open.                          
DERBY-2008     |SQL         |         |[DERBY-2008] 
NullPointerException with LTRIM, RTRIM
2-argument SUBSTR() call in GROUP BY clause.                           
DERBY-2014     |SQL         |        |[DERBY-2014] 
NullPointerException with NULLIF in
BY clause 
Other possible candidates  are: DERBY-1811, DERBY-1693. I have not 
included any Documentation issues in this yet.

Any thoughts/comments please do send a mail to the  list. 

Also, once we have an agreement on the list of portable issues can the 
committers look into doing the needful
merges to the branch


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