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From Manjula G Kutty <manjula.ku...@gmail.com>
Subject Contribution of System tests for Derby
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 22:37:11 GMT

As a continued effort towards improving Derby quality, I wish to 
contribute some long running system tests for Derby.  Here is
a brief description of each:

- Single Table -- This test run with a maximum of 250 connections and 
the database has only one table with all supported data types and 
corresponding indices.
Duration of the test is 2 weeks and is usable for checking issues 
regarding memory, locking and concurrency

- Scenario Test -  This test is a mail client application where derby is 
used  as the client database. It is a multi threaded test with 4 threads 
that  mimics doing tasks like
user activity, purging, backup and refresh(syncing). Duration of each 
transaction is calculated and can be run in both embedded and n/w server 
mode. The run time is configurable.

- Network Server Test - similar to Single table using Network 
Server/Client and all possible data types in a single table and IUD 
 along with  triggers,  online back-up/restore, re-encryption. The run 
time is configurable

- Optimizer tests - An assortment of test scenarios using multi-level 
views, aggregated views, complex joins, etc that verifies the
 recent DERBY-805/DERBY-1205 optimizer fixes for push-down predicates. 
Typical runtime is  approximately 2 days (depends upon the derby 

 I don't think these tests can be run as functional tests on a nightly 
basis. Some of these could be  run for weeks and would be
useful to test release candidates. I suggest  
org.apache.derbyTesting.system.tests.<name of the test>  as a  location 
for these tests.

I would also suggest a new ant target to build these classes. So that 
the simple ant command do not have to
compile these test classes everytime. If any one wants them, they could 
run it  as ant <target name>.

Also, I was considering opening a JIRA issue for contributing each of of 
them, but am open to suggestions.

Do let me know if there are any other comments.


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