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From Anders Morken <ander...@stud.ntnu.no>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (DERBY-801) Allow parallel access to data files.
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 22:56:01 GMT
Suresh Thalamati:
> I doubt reading from a commit dropped container happen through the 
> readPage() call in parallel  to drops.  Locks/Latches/flags should 
> make sure that does not occur.  I think only time we may read from the 
> dropped container may be during recovery, if there is a crash just 
> before stub was created for the dropped container, if container marked 
> commit dropped , then I think only header is read , but that info is 
> read by reading directly few bytes from the first page.

OK, so if this actually happened it would be appropriate to throw
exceptions. Good, that's what'll happen now. =)

> >I've sort of got a feeling that maybe we are masking a problem here - 
> >should anyone (even the cache?) write to a dropped container? 
> Pages are discarded from cache before the container is stubbed.  See
> (removeContainer.pageCache.discard(identity .
> >Maybe we should remove 
> >pages destined for a dying container from the cache when the 
> >>container is dropped? =)
> I agree with removing/closing container does not seem to be the right 
> thing to do when I/O is in progress. Having said that, I am also 
> wondering if it is a over-kill to add more synchronization for this 
> case. May be catching for ClosedChannelException is  good enough .

OK, I'll take a harder look at what's happening when somebody writes to
a dropped container.

> One more thing I alos noticed going through the code again is 
> DEBUG_PRINT("RAFContainer4"," .. statements. As Knut mentioned , they 
> of no use. No one looks at them unless a test fails.  If those cases 
> should not happen , then throwing an ASSERT failure is better, 
> otherwise please remove those PRINT statements.

OK, I changed the two DEBUG_PRINT statements in readPage/writePage to
asserts, ran derbyall, and whaddayaknow, it breaks something. =)

The problem is caused by openContainer checking for "fileData instanceof
java.io.RandomAccessFile" and then calling the getChannel() method to
get hold of a FileChannel object, when a CorruptRandomAccessFile (which
is not a java.io.RandomAccessFile) is used as a stand-in for a regular
file for testing purposes. Again, not something that'll happen during
regular operations, but it could be considered a symptom of the somewhat
hackish assumption that a regular java.io.RandomAccessFile is hiding
under the derby.io.StorageRandomAccessFile interface. =)

So, either the asserts should check for "fileData instanceof
java.io.RandomAccessFile" as well, or we throw them out. Or I rework the
o.a.derby.io interfaces a bit to support channels. 

I'll run tests on the first approach tomorrow. Jämtlands bryggeri make
some excellent beer, but I doubt it's good for my coding and debugging
skills. ;)

Thanks for the advice, Suresh. (And Knut Anders as well, of course. =)

Anders Morken

My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right!

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