Good idea, Bryan.  Perhaps dumping it in XML as a format is one option to start with. 
(I think this sort of facility can be applied to a more general case of dump outputs.)  Then a explain tool can be used or implemented to read the XML data and produce something more visually readable.  Of course, the plain text format should be retained.


On 10/2/06, Bryan Pendleton <> wrote:
> good time to start some discussion around the various issues in the
> current Derby optimizer

One place I struggle is that I find logged query plans to be rather
intimidating and hard to read. I've been thinking that it might be
useful to put some effort into either improving the output of the query
plan dumper, or perhaps coming up with some other tools for displaying
and analyzing query selection behaviors.

Is there prior art here that we can re-use? Are there good examples of
tools which analyze and visualize query execution strategies that we
can learn from and borrow?