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From Dyre.Tjeldv...@Sun.COM
Subject Re: Some JUnit tests now split out from old harness and do not run as part of derbyall
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2006 06:11:31 GMT
Vemund Ostgaard <Vemund.Ostgaard@Sun.COM> writes:

> Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
>> I would encourage those that regularly run nightly or other testing
>> to add this JUnit test into their framework. I'm sure there will be
>> some issues getting it running on all the platforms but they should
>> be easy to work through.
> I'm extending the nightly testing with this top-level junit suite,
> executed with junit.textui.TestRunner, from tonight. If it turns out
> to run ok on all platforms we will start reporting from this suite as
> well in the mails from Henri.
>> There is more work to be done for some of the tests in All so that
>> they also run in the client server by themselves, and I'm working on
>> it for the tests in tests.jdbcapi.
>> I'm also planning on laying out some form of a plan or work items
>> that would move us completely over to JUnit.
> When running the top-level suite now, the only output I got was a lot
> of dots, the time it took to run the suite and the number of OK tests
> run.
> Have anyone considered a framework or interface for logging events and
> information in the junit tests? I think it will be very difficult in
> the future to analyse test failures only based on the text from an
> assertion failure or exception. Especially when we start porting
> multhreaded stress tests and other more complicated parts of the old
> suite.
> It would also give a warm fussy feeling to be able to see that the
> tests actually did something (in addition to all the dots written by
> the TestRunner).
> I've been used to using the java logging API (java.util.logging.*) for
> similar needs, and think that would cover what is needed for this.
> Other suggestions or views on this?

Have you looked at generating html reports via ant? See


I haven't tried this though...


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