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From John Embretsen <John.Embret...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Derby source code...
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2006 11:49:02 GMT
ram wrote:
> Hello!!
> I am a newbie.
> I am working on a project called "Concurrency Control And Locking 
> Protocol" in which we have to modify current source code of locking 
> protocol by a new locking protocol algorithm say SLP,designed by us to 
> test our SLP.

Welcome to the Derby community!

> Can anyone help me how and from where i can download derby source code?

You can get most, if not all, the information you need from the Derby web site:


For information on Derby source code, click the "Download" tab and click on the 
link saying "Derby source code", or simply scroll down until you see it.

> Where can i find Locking Protocol code and internals documentation of 
> derby source code?

I'm sure it can be found by browsing the web site and/or using the search field 
on the left hand side.

For example, under the "Resources tab" you will find a menu on the left pointing 
to "Papers". There you will find links to lots of info on Derby internals.

The Apache Derby wiki may also contain some useful information, see

For new contributors, this page should be especially interesting:

> After making some changes in derby source code i want to compile whole 
> source code to test new source code functionality?How can i compile and 
> test? Plz help me out..

This is described on the page that explains how to obtain Derby source code. In 
short, building is described in detail in BUILDING.txt (a file in the code 
repository), and (old-style) testing is described in java/testing/readme.htm. 
JUnit testing is described on the wiki at 

You may of course post questions to this mailing list if you have specific 
questions on Derby development.


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