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From Rajesh Kartha <karth...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Show commands are not orthogonal
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 20:42:21 GMT
Andrew McIntyre wrote:

>> I also find it a bit strange that "SHOW VIEWS" uses the heading
>> "TABLE_NAME" and not "VIEW_NAME".
> These are the names of the columns returned from the ResultSet
> retrieved from DatabaseMetadata.getTables(), and I believe those
> column names are mandated by the JDBC spec. And, ij displays them
> faithfully. :-)
> We could override the column names in a similar way that we set the
> column widths but I don't think that is really worthwhile. Probably
> better to just document that little idiosyncrasy.
I have seen many database that show tables and views together in the 
'show tables' / 'list tables' command.  So maybe
we can do something similar and make the ij o/p to show something like:

create table atab (i int, j int, k int);
create view v_atab as select i,j from atab;

TABLE_SCHEM         |TABLE_NAME                    |TYPE (?)
APP                 |ATAB                          |Table
APP                 |V_ATAB                     |View

My 0.02


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