Nightly tests on 10.2 branch were started again yesterday.



Henri van de Scheur - Sun Norway wrote:
This night and probably 2 more days, there will be no results showing up for this type of testing. The machines are now being used for testing the beta-candidate

Ole Solberg wrote:
Rick Hillegas wrote:
Hi Mike,

The good news is that Ole is now running regular regression tests
against the head of the 10.2 branch now. However, those results aren't
publicly visible yet. I expect them to appear publicly soon.

Now available  at

Mike Matrigali wrote:

I was looking for some results for the most up to date branch run - I
hit 10 diffs in my newly created branch run and want to figure out if
it is my environment or the branch itself.  I went to the following and
it looks like the last test runs on the 10.2 branch was on the 8/11.