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From "Mamta Satoor" <msat...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Wikipage SQLvsDerbyFeatures & 10.2 grant/revoke
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2006 06:03:39 GMT

Thanks for thinking of this page from grant revoke point of view. Majority
of the info suggested by you is correct with following comments.
Derby does support
E081-07 REFERENCES privilege at the column level
T281 SELECT privilege with column granularity

I have updated the page as per my knowledge for grant revoke.

Some things to note
1)I left E081 Basic Privileges as No because Derby does not support all the
subitems under it. So, based on the assumption that no for any of the
subitems mean no for the parent item, I have left E081 Basic Privileges to
No. If someone disagrees, please bring that up here.

2)Also, there are 3 Jira issues open for revoke statement (DERBY-1631,
DERBY-1632 and DERBY-1782) which need to be fixed for revoke statement to be
SQL compliant. I have recorded these 3 Jira entries on
http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/SQLvsDerbyFeatures by noting them against
F034 Extended REVOKE statement.


On 9/5/06, Bernt M. Johnsen <Bernt.Johnsen@sun.com> wrote:
> I'm going to update the
> http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/SQLvsDerbyFeatures (anyone is free to
> do so.... ;-)
> Question: Is my interpretation of what has been implemented correct?
> E081 Basic Privileges
> E081-01 SELECT privilege at the table level     Yes
> E081-02 DELETE privilege                        Yes
> E081-03 INSERT privilege at the table level     Yes
> E081-04 UPDATE privilege at the table level     Yes
> E081-05 UPDATE privilege at the column level    Yes
> E081-06 REFERENCES privilege at the table level Yes
> E081-07 REFERENCES privilege at the column level No
> E081-08 WITH GRANT OPTION                       No
> E081-09 USAGE privilege                         No
> E081-10 EXECUTE privilege                       Yes
> F031-19 REVOKE statement: RESTRICT clause       Yes
> F311-05 GRANT statement                         Yes
> F034 Extended REVOKE statement                  No
> F034-01 REVOKE statement performed by other than the owner of a schema
> object                                          No
> F034-02 REVOKE statement: GRANT OPTION FOR clause
> F034-03 REVOKE statement to revoke a privilege that the grantee has
> WITH GRANT OPTION                               No
> F231 Privilege tables
> F231-01 TABLE_PRIVILEGES view                   No
> F231-02 COLUMN_PRIVILEGES view                  No
> F231-03 USAGE_PRIVILEGES view                   No
> F731 INSERT column privileges                   No
> T211-07 TRIGGER privilege                       Yes
> T281 SELECT privilege with column granularity   No
> --
> Bernt Marius Johnsen, Database Technology Group,
> Staff Engineer, Technical Lead Derby/Java DB
> Sun Microsystems, Trondheim, Norway

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