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From "Andrew McIntyre" <mcintyr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Questions on the scripts in /bin directory of Derby install
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 19:08:59 GMT
On 9/12/06, Rajesh Kartha <kartha02@gmail.com> wrote:
> I had some questions on the scripts residing under the new /bin directory:
> 1) There are scripts
> ===============
> *08/11/2006 10:28a 1,166 NetworkServerControl
> 08/11/2006 10:28a 1,376 NetworkServerControl.bat
> *What is the benefit of this if there are separate start/stop scripts
> already available ?

Because there are several other functions available via
NetworkServerControl like trace on/off, ping, runtimeinfo etc.

> 2) Windows and MKS
> ================
> Looks like the CLASSPATH does not set appropriately.

I wasn't worried too much about supporting MKS although I suppose it
would be possible without too much trouble. Checked in a fix to
derby_common.sh to allow running with MKS.

> 3) On Linux
> =========
> (a) After unzipping the db-derby- on Linux the
> permission on the scripts in /bin is only readable

Hmm. There was a question about this during the review of DERBY-1223,
since there was a note concerning setting the executable bit on the
scripts in the Getting Started guide. Kim Haase and I just tested this
out the other day from a distribution I built and could not reproduce
this on a Linux box. But now, unzipping the zip on OS X,
I see this problem as well. I haven't checked the .tar.gz yet.

> (b)  In the bash shell, when I try sysinfo (after changing the
> permission on sysinfo and derby_common) I am seeing the following:
> bash-3.00$ bin/sysinfo
> </snip errors>
> Is anybody else seeing  issues (2) and (3) ?

Yes, and it appears to be a problem with line endings, although I
thought that by not setting the svn:eol-style native property in svn
on the Unix scripts, and then checking them in from a Unix box, that
we wouldn't encounter line ending problems with these files.

I'm wondering why I'm not seeing these problems when I build the
distributions. Rick, what platform are you building the distributions


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