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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Why are you giving up???? (Was Re: Doc notice for JDBC 4 functionality in Derby 10.2)
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 15:21:02 GMT
Geir Magnusson Jr wrote:

> Andrew McIntyre wrote:
>>On 9/13/06, Geir Magnusson Jr <geir@pobox.com> wrote:
>>>Why are you giving up?
>>>I still believe there is a possible solution to this, so that the Derby
>>>community can ship with JDBC4 capability - to that end, I'm doing what I
>>>can to try to find a solution with Sun on this.
>>It wasn't clear to me, as I'm sure it was not clear to others, that
>>anyone else was still pursuing a solution that would allow us to ship
>>with the JDBC 4 bits in the binaries. Since the issue got stuck on the
>>Mustang license with the Sun lawyers, and since the Sun people on the
>>list seem to have abandoned the idea, I assumed the search for a
>>solution was over. Thank you for continuing to pursue the issue.
> I'm hope that I actually help here :)
>>>Do people not care?  I just don't understand.  Derby can be the world's
>>>first database with JDBC4 support, so it's there and ready when Mustang
>>>is released.

Note that assuming no changes in the spec, Derby will have a 10.2
release soon that includes JDBC 4.0, but only in source form. So Derby
will be (most likely) the first database with JDBC 4.0 support. As Bernt
said I think we underestimate our users if we think to get functionality
to them we have to provide it in binary form.

I think rather than "not caring", people worked on a solution that would
allow Derby to have a release as soon as possible that would get all the
new functionality into the hands of its users. Given that amount of time
been spent on the JDBC4/Mustang licencing issues so far, no one
(apparently) had the itch to pursue it any further, instead effort is
being spent on getting a release out sooner that does include JDBC 4.0

Geir, if you can find a solution that allows JDBC 4.0 binaries that
would be great, however I don't think we should wait on any possible
outcome. Let's get this release out now, and if a solution is found,
great, let's do another release. If the solution beats the current
release timing, great, there will be a single release, if not, two
releases and the second one with binary JDBC 4 will most likely still
beat Mustang out of the door.


> I was also wondering if this could be a plugin - that you drop the
> derby-jdbc4.jar somewhere and it Just Works.  That artifact could be
> released separately on the day of JDBC4 finality...

I'm not sure that would help, the main factor on releasing something on
the day JDBC 4 goes GA is the time of the vote on the release. I don't
see how a vote on a new artifact in Derby would be any quicker than the
a complete release. Most likely a minimum of 72 hours, so three days
after Mustang goes GA Derby could have a binary release with JBDC 4.0.

Maybe the time would be quicker with the trick you use in Harmony, votes
closes when all binding votes has been cast, no idea if that could be
used for a release, or if all the DB-PMC would vote quickly.


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