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From Geir Magnusson Jr <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: Why are you giving up???? (Was Re: Doc notice for JDBC 4 functionality in Derby 10.2)
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 07:01:42 GMT

Andrew McIntyre wrote:
> On 9/13/06, Geir Magnusson Jr <geir@pobox.com> wrote:
>> Why are you giving up?
>> I still believe there is a possible solution to this, so that the Derby
>> community can ship with JDBC4 capability - to that end, I'm doing what I
>> can to try to find a solution with Sun on this.
> It wasn't clear to me, as I'm sure it was not clear to others, that
> anyone else was still pursuing a solution that would allow us to ship
> with the JDBC 4 bits in the binaries. Since the issue got stuck on the
> Mustang license with the Sun lawyers, and since the Sun people on the
> list seem to have abandoned the idea, I assumed the search for a
> solution was over. Thank you for continuing to pursue the issue.

I'm hope that I actually help here :)

>> Do people not care?  I just don't understand.  Derby can be the world's
>> first database with JDBC4 support, so it's there and ready when Mustang
>> is released.
> Unless there are some kind of major changes in between our release and
> the Mustang release that cause a major incompatibility on our side.
> Just recently, between b95 and b98 of Mustang, there was a few changes
> that caused major breakage. So if something similar happens between
> now and when Mustang ships, then we have the distinction of shipping
> the first database with really broken JDBC 4 support. I think this was
> Craig's concern. (not one of mine, necessarily, see below)

I understand.

>> This means that Sun has to fork Derby, and  also JavaDB is therefore
>> more technically advanced than Derby, and no one wants that either. No
>> one wins here.  Lets find a solution.   I don't think it will take much
>> longer.
> Even with the 'optional JDBC 4 functionality not built into the
> binaries' route for 10.2.1, there wouldn't be a need for Sun to fork
> Derby per se, they just wouldn't be shipping Apache's official
> release. They could still ship something mid-stream between 10.2.1 and
> 10.2.2 directly out of the Derby codebase with the JDBC 4
> functionality built in, and I personally wouldn't call that a fork.

That's true, and I guess I did get a little carried away there :)   I
was tired, in a plane, in the snow, at night, uphill, both ways...

> It's not clear to me that Sun was ever planning on shipping the
> official 10.2.1 anyway, since I'm pretty sure that Sun wanted to be
> up-to-the-second with the JDBC 4 spec and shipping the official
> release wouldn't let them do that. Can anyone from Sun clarify the
> plans for what would actually go into Mustang?

But how much will the API change towards the end of the spec vote?

Also, I would think that Sun would *want* to relabel a derby release,
because then support issues are much easier for the larger community to
deal with.

I think it would be much better for JavaDB to be in lock-step with
Derby, so a user of JavaDB would to be able to approach the Derby
community regarding questions about the code that could actually be
answered.  But this is Sun's call.

> Anyway, I'd love to see Mustang ship with Derby, and for us to be able
> to ship 10.2.1 with JDBC 4 support in it sooner rather than later, so
> I'd love to hear the solution being pursued. Would the plan be for Sun
> to release the JDBC 4.0 API as a jar file under the spec license or
> some other compatible license so that we could use a 1.5 compiler to
> build in our JDBC 4 support? That seemed to be what you were
> suggesting in your the last mail.

Yes, and I've heard it's been considered and shot down.  I have some
other ideas - let me flesh them out a bit first.

> FTR, I don't find the compatibility concerns with 10.2.1 and Mustang
> terribly onerous, since we would have the JDBC 4.0 functionality
> clearly labelled as 'early and possibly not compatible with the final
> JDBC 4.0 spec,' or whatever language was being worked on, all over the
> docs and release notes. Plus, we could put out our own 10.2.2 with
> whatever changed and be up-to-spec the same week that Mustang is
> released.


I was also wondering if this could be a plugin - that you drop the
derby-jdbc4.jar somewhere and it Just Works.  That artifact could be
released separately on the day of JDBC4 finality...


> cheers,
> andrew

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