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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: 10.2 plans (was Re: 10.2 licensing issue)
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 13:03:56 GMT
Kathey Marsden wrote:

> Kathy Saunders wrote:
>> I'm not sure what decisive action we can take prior to a 10.2 
>> release.  We've asked the user community to test with some response, 
>> but not a lot.  The users will only do their testing when they are 
>> motivated.
> My proposal is that we embark on a three week motivation campaign 
> until October 3.  I know it is late to start on this but I would 
> really like to try and rattle the bushes and think we can get more 
> interest.   Then wait for a steady state of a week without any new 
> regressions.  If there have been no regressions filed for a week as of 
> October 3, we call a vote.  Does that sound ok?
> This is what I propose in terms of beta marketing.
> -  Come up with a list of ideas of beta things to try that might pop 
> issues. For example Army's list [1]  is very good.  Specific risk 
> areas that might be of interest to users.  I will start a wiki page 
> where they can be added.
> -   Folks can send out targeted beta test requests to as many users as 
> they  can where they work and elsewhere that use Derby.  Best to ask 
> them to try something specific that might interest them and of course 
> ask them to ask two more,  chain letter style #:)
> -  Get the beta announcement  prominently on the download site with a 
> link to the beta.  with the pre-release upgrade option. Is this legal 
> and ok?
> I sent beta  out to some interested users  a while back and need to 
> pester them and collect feedback and will try to contact more. Rick, 
> did you contact the users on UsesOfDerby. I noticed you added email 
> addresses.  Did you contact these folks?    What Apache lists would be 
> good to query about trying Derby?

Hi Kathey,

I have not sent any notice to these email addresses. It's worth a try if 
we extend the testing period.


> Sorry for the late start on this, but I am ready to jump on this 
> effort  myself and hope others are motivated to do it as well.
> Kathey

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