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From Rajesh Kartha <karth...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: 10.2 plans (was Re: 10.2 licensing issue)
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 15:16:51 GMT
Kathy Saunders wrote:

> Myrna van Lunteren wrote:
>> For what it's worth, my position is somewhere in the middle. I think
>> there are some worrying aspects to some of those optimizer-related
>> regressions. Also, I feel we're still scrambling on 10.2.; still
>> documentation changes are being worked on...Now that in a way some of
>> the pressure to release is off, we need to take another look at
>> changes slated for 10.2.2 and see if there are any that really should
>> go in to make the first release of 10.2 but we've dropped because of
>> lack of time.
>> If we release now, we should focus activities for 10.2.2 with the goal
>> of making it more robust as well as having the jdbc40 support in.
>> Myrna
> Hi,
> To clarify my opinions, here's what I'm concerned about:
> 1 - If there are quality issues that  anyone thinks we should fix, 
> then what are those specific issues?  Advocate to get them on Rick's 
> list to fix before a release should happen.  General concerns about 
> quality at this point are a problem for me as I don't understand what 
> we are to do before we can have a release.  I do believe there are 
> regressions out there.  I do believe there are regressions in the 
> optimizer specifically because that's difficult code and from other 
> products I've worked on when you make significant changes to the 
> optimizer, you almost always have other issues pop up, and it's not 
> necessarily easy to get them to surface.  But, if you continue to hold 
> up a release because of regression concerns, you'll never have one.  
> In my opinion, it's generally time to get this release done, once we 
> have the known significant issues resolved.  If we really believe we 
> need more testing, then what is that testing and who is going to do 
> it?  Discussion on quality is healthy, but at this point in the 
> release process I believe we need to be specific about what actions or 
> outcome we need to complete the release.
> 2 - Regarding the Mustang and JDBC 4 issue, my general opinion is that 
> if Mustang is still coming out in October then it may be worth it to 
> continue on our current path and do a release that includes JDBC 4.  
> If Mustang is delayed, then I think it's just time to get 10.2 done to 
> get some of the other good features out there.  It's been quite a 
> while since we've had a feature release.  Does anyone know the current 
> schedule for Mustang?
> Kathy
The optimizer related regression that I am aware of :

DERBY-1633 - fixed
DERBY-1777 - Army has a patch submitted
DERBY-1806 - from the last comments, unable to replicate.

Is there anything else that I am missing ?

I would assume DERBY-1777 will get committed soon. So from the above and 
the uncertainty of the exact date of JDK 6 shipment,  I don't see why we 
should hold up a 10.2 release.

Now another point for discussion is, after 10.2, when Mustang gets 
released what should be the  version for DERBY
with the JDBC4 support be called  - 10.3 ?


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