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From "Susan L. Cline" <home4...@pacbell.net>
Subject Re: dblook and lower-case table names created with double-quotes, doc bug or "bug" bug?
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2006 21:17:13 GMT
--- Army <qozinx@gmail.com> wrote:
> Susan Cline wrote:
> > In reviewing the dblook examples in the Tools and Utilities Guide:
> >  
> > http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/dev/tools/rtoolsdblookexamples.html
> >  
> > I noticed the output from using the -t flag with  dblook to specify
> > a particular  table created using lower case names and double-quotes
> > is inconsistent when creating tablenames in upper case and double-
> > quoting the name.
> I think the issue here is the way the command-line handles quotes.  Different 
> command lines handle quotes differently.  When the documentation for dblook was 
> first being written, there were all kinds of notes and explanations and 
> exceptions in the documentation about how and when to use single vs double vs 
> escaped quotes, and they became more and more complex with every draft.  It was 
> eventually decided that proper use of the quotes for a specific command line was 
> the responsibility of the user--trying to give examples of how to use quotes 
> seemed like it could cause more confusion than anything because the examples 
> would inevitably work for one command-line but not another.

[ snip ]
> And that's just one way to do it; I'm sure there are others.  But to try to 
> document this just seems like it's asking for user confusion, so I think the 
> assumption is that the user will figure out how his/her command-line deals with 
> quotes (and spaces).
> If you think specific examples of using quotes/spaces would be more helpful than 
> confusing, you should certainly feel free to add them!

Thanks for the demonstration Army, and the history.  I can see why this would be confusing

>  > Is this a doc bug or a bug in the code?
> I would say "doc bug", but that does't mean the examples are wrong.  Instead, we 
> should probably add a note to the documentation explaining that the quotes shown 
> in the examples are *part* of the argument and need to be passed to dblook; how 
> that happens depends on the command-line being used.  Then, as mentioned above, 
> if anyone thinks some specific examples would be helpful, then s/he/they should 
> definitely follow-up to get some examples into the doc...

Agreed - I think either we make a note to the effect above and give at least one example,
or we
remove the entire example that uses a table with quotes.

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