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From "Manish Khettry" <manish.khet...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Approve coding conventions for the Derby project
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 01:08:36 GMT
> I do think the space/tab issue causes headaches.  We could just document
> it, but I actually think we should reformat the code with respect to
> tabstop and just move to spaces.  I wish we were attacking the root
> problems causing people pain up front.  What I see as problems are:
> 1) space/tab issue is causing problems.  Some tools just don't like 4
> space tabs.
> 2) do not make review/commit job harder by doing format changes along
> with "real" code changes.

I do agree with Mike that tabs/spaces is whats causing headaches and if we
fixed that first, we'd be better off.

Anyway, as far as coding conventions go-- I'd rather that we adopt one and
try and move the code to conform that. In my experience, if all (or most of
the code) looks sort of similar, it is easier to read. I don't care where
people put the brace, long as everyone puts it in the same place. This is
just my experience-- if people think "write clean code" is a good enough
convention, then so be it.

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