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From "Mamta Satoor" <msat...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: DERBY-464 Grant/Revoke status
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 07:31:03 GMT
I would like us to definitely tackle the grant-revoke related NPE bugs in
10.2. Those bugs from the comprehensive list created by Yip are DERBY-1589,
DERBY-1583, DERBY-1724. The rest of the grant-revoke usability bugs will be
nice to fix too but in the worst case can be documented in the 10.2 release


On 8/23/06, Yip Ng <yipng168@gmail.com> wrote:
> Here is a summary of the remaining open or in-progress JIRA issues for
> DERBY-464 (Grant and Revoke).  It would be good to start cleaning them up if
> some of these issues have already been resolved to see where DERBY-464
> currently is at.
> New Feature:
> DERBY-1539  A trigger should be dropped when a privilege required by the
> trigger is revoked.
> DERBY-1611  A view should be dropped when a privilege required by the view
> is revoked.
> DERBY-1612  A constraint should be dropped when a privilege required by
> the constraint is revoked.
> DERBY-1643  A "revoke execute ... restrict" should fail if there are
> dependent objects on the execute privilege
> DERBY-1646  Documentation to address Grant/Revoke Authorization for
> views/triggers/constraints/routines(DERBY-1330)
> Bug:
> DERBY-1538  Unexpected behavior on self privilege revocation
> DERBY-1582  REVOKE statement does not generate a warning when no
> privileges are revoked.
> DERBY-1583  With grant revoke enabled, defining a trigger whose actions
> updates a table (from different schema) results in NPE
> DERBY-1589  CREATE TABLE throws NullPointerException in Derby SQL Standard
> Authorization after DROPs and REVOKES
> DERBY-1686  Grant/Revoke: Attempt to GRANT access to another user on a
> VIEW, created by the current user with only SELECT
>                      privilege on the base table does not fail
> DERBY-1708  Unprivileged user can perform lock table statement on a table
> which he/she does not have any access rights
> DERBY-1716  Revoking select privilege from a user times out when that user
> still have a cursor open.
> DERBY-1724  Executing grant statement within a transaction leads to a NPE
> later when the db owner attempts to update a table
> DERBY-1729  Invoking Java stored procedure that contains GRANT or REVOKE
> statement with CONTAINS SQL from a trigger should
>                      fail.
> Sub-task:
> DERBY-1330  Provide runtime privilege checking for grant/revoke
> functionality
> Task:
> DERBY-1522  Switch(if supported) from Derby Authorization to Derby SQL
> Standard Authorization needs to be tested
> Improvement:
> DERBY-1521  Upgrade test needs to be enhanced to test grant revoke

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