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From "Laura Stewart" <scotsmat...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Doc reviews: should the internal links for the PDFs work?
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 23:26:38 GMT
On 8/30/06, Susan Cline <home4slc@pacbell.net> wrote:
> When reviewing the PDF version of the alpha manuals, specifically this page:
> Page 248 (number printed on the page), Entitled J2EE Compliance: Java Transaction API
> javax.sql Extensions,
> when I click on the URL's that link to other pages or sections in the documentation,
they do
> not work.
> When I click on those links with the HTML pages version of the doc they do work.  Is
> a general (known) problem?  Or is this a problem with this specific section that I need
> report in the doc review?
> Thanks,
> Susan

Susan - this is a problem with only the Alpha versions of the docs. In
the 10.1 PDF versions the links work just fine.  There is another
problem with the Alpha versions, they do not display the graphic
files.  These problems must be as a result of some setting in the
build for the Alpha versions.

Laura Stewart

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