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From "Laura Stewart" <scotsmat...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: 10.2 documentation reviews
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 18:10:31 GMT
On 8/16/06, Jean T. Anderson <jta@bristowhill.com> wrote:

> I can appreciate your frustration ... docs are caught in the squeeze at
> the very end. Here are a couple suggestions:
> 1) Set up a Jira filter that mails you a daily report of doc issues,
> perhaps sorted by most recent activity if that's possible (maybe Jira
> experts can jump in with specific suggestions).
> 2) If somebody opens a new doc issue and thinks it needs your urgent
> attention, I see no problem with them forwarding a copy of the notice to
> you offlist with a "wanted to make sure you saw this". I'll do that.
> thanks for all the doc work -- we really appreciate it!
>  -jean

*** (LS) Thanks Jean. These are good suggestions. And I appreciate
your kind words.

I know how to create a filter in jira, but how do I have an email sent to me?

I do feel that it is useful to use a 1 word preface in an issue title
to let people know the basic area that the issue affects, regardless
of whether it is a doc issue or not.  Often feature issues contain the
name of the feature, such as grant/revoke, early on in the title so
that people looking at the email can quickly determine if the email is
something that they want to read.  What I was suggesting was in the
same vein.

But of course I will go along with whatever the Derby community thinks is best.

Laura Stewart

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