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From Rajesh Kartha <karth...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Upcoming 10.2 candidates
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 21:28:36 GMT
Rick Hillegas wrote:

> Thanks Rajesh. Are you recommending that I not build a new beta until 
> these documentation changes commit?
> DERBY-1636 - Suresh has a remaining issue with these documentation 
> changes. I don't know when these changes will settle down.
> DERBY-1655 - According to the last comment on this issue, these 
> documentation changes committed. What more needs to be done here?
> DERBY-1747 - Kim needs some more feedback from Francois before these 
> changes can commit. Unfortunately, Francois is on vacation for the 
> rest of this week.
> Regards,
> -Rick
> Rajesh Kartha wrote:
>>> 1) Instead of a release candidate, I could build a new beta 
>>> candidate tomorrow (Friday August 25).
>> I would think a new beta candidate will be useful to the community 
>> for testing given the mega-merge of changes from trunk to 10.2 branch 
>> since
>> the last beta and that the official release candidate is expected on 
>> a later date
>> It would also be desirable if the documentation of the newer feature 
>> (for example: DERBY-1636, DERBY-1655, DERBY-1747) were also
>> available by this beta refresh.
>> -Rajesh
Hi Rick,

The idea to have the doc issues taken care of with the beta refresh was 
to have the buddy testing of these new features and the corresponding 
doc reviews
happen at the same time.  But I think you should proceed as per your 
plan to post the beta refresh candidate. If there is indication that 
these doc issues will be
resolved by tomorrow sometime, that would be wonderful..

In any case, looks like the doc builds happen everynight and get posted 
to the Derby manual pages at http://db.apache.org/derby/manuals/, so the
latest doc commits will be available the next day.

(BTW,  the manual page still shows them as 'Latest Alpha Manuals' even 
though we are in the Beta phase, I think we should change to indicate that)


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