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From Andreas Korneliussen <Andreas.Kornelius...@Sun.COM>
Subject [junit] <testname>_app.properties replacement mechanism for JUnit tests
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 11:48:43 GMT
I am about to enable more testcases in ConcurrencyTest, which relies on 
getting a lock timeout to verify a lock conflict. The problem is that 
default setting for lock timeout is 60 seconds, and the test uses a lot 
of time waiting for the timeout. I can make the test go 10 times faster 
by reducing derby.locks.waitTimeout (and with all testcases enabled it 
used 350 secs in embedded framework).

With the current harness, I could add a ConcurrencyTest_app.properties 
file and set it there. However this test is now part of _Suite (a pure 
junit Suite).

One quick-fix for me would be to create a _Suite_app.properties. This 
would cause all junit tests in the suite to run with the same 
properties. Another quick-fix would be to remove it from the _Suite, and 
put it into the "old-harness" suites.

- However, if the Derby community is interested at completely replacing 
the old test harness in the future, it would be good to have a pure 
junit solution to this.

One solution could be to create a TestSetup, which can configure the 
database for a junit Test, and delete the database once the test is 
complete - i.e

public class DBSetup extends BaseJDBCTestSetup
   public void setUp() { create and configure db }
   public void tearDown() { delete db }

Other thoughts ?

-- Andreas

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