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From Rajesh Kartha <karth...@gmail.com>
Subject 'Buddy Testing' for the upcoming 10.2 release
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 03:45:29 GMT
To facilitate more coverage of the new features added to 10.2, I wish to 
propose that we follow a 'Buddy Testing' approach - where
contributors can test Derby 10.2 features added by other members.

I would recommend everybody choose multiple features they are interested 
in and sign up for testing and providing feedback
to the mailing list. Each feature can thus be tested by multiple members.

The test scenarios could be anything from functionality testing, 
integration testing, stress/load testing etc. etc. 
Information about each features can be obtained from the documentation 
(if added) or from the respective JIRA entries.

I think this will provide an opportunity to unearth issues related to:
- Feature implementation
- Usability
- Documentation

I plan to create a wiki page that will list all the new 10.2 features 
and let members sign up against each for testing.  This page
will be linked from the TenTwoRelease page at  

Following is the list of 10.2 features that I have gathered, based on 
JIRA queries. I have tried to break the JDBC4.0 feature into
multiple tasks which could be tested separately, but am not sure.

Please review them for updates needed and let the list know.

v10.2 New Features:

    * Scrollable Updatable Result Sets                           (DERBY-690)
    * JDBC4
        - JDBC4 Ease of Development Support                (DERBY-942)
        - New implementation of methods                         
(DERBY-1238, DERBY-1180)
        - Miscellaneous methods   in Connection,Statement,
          PreparedStatement,ResultSet, DatabaseMetaData classes 
        - CLOB and BLOB specific support                     (DERBY-796)
        - New methods for empty LOBS                          (DERBY-1255)
        - AutoLoading                                                 
        - Statement Events                                               
        - Jdbc4.0 implementation of EmbedPooledConnection
          and EmbedXAConnection                                 (DERBY-1163)
        - ROWID methods for JDBC4 support            (DERBY-944)
        - New metadata API                                         
        - SQLRecoverableException                             (DERBY-1239)
    * Grant/Revoke                                                    
    * Online Backup                                                    
    * Stronger Network Authentication                        (DERBY-528)
    * Optimizer Overrides                                            
    * Identity Column enhancements                             (DERBY-783)
    * XML enhancements                                             
    * Database Re-encryption                                        
    * Invoke Java Stored Procedures                             (DERBY-551)
      from triggers

Any feedback is appreciated.

I plan to create the wiki  page in a couple of days.


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