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From David Van Couvering <David.Vancouver...@Sun.COM>
Subject Need help with XML patches (was Re: last week of 10.2 development)
Date Sat, 05 Aug 2006 00:28:23 GMT
I changed the subject to see if this might get the attention of those 
otherwise deleting the thread.  I am heads down on the copyright stuff 
and don't know either SQL/XML or the compiler that well, so I'm not sure 
I'm the right person to do the reviewing.

However, if someone else wants to do the reviews, I'm happy to apply the 
patch, run tests in the background while running license header scripts, 
and commit.

Army, do your patches include necessary release notes/documentation?


Army wrote:
> Kathey Marsden wrote:
>> Rick Hillegas wrote:
>>> We are headed into the last week of 10.2 development. A number of 
>>> Blocker and Urgent issues are still in motion. Now would be a good 
>>> time to alert the community if you are working on one of these issues 
>>> and think that you might need some help to finish by August 10.
>> DERBY-688   Enhancements to XML functionality to move toward
>> XPath/XQuery support...
>>            http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-688
> There are currently 5 (yes, five) incremental patches attached to 
> DERBY-688, each of which is dependent on its predecessor and none of 
> which have been reviewed/committed yet.  I also have one or two 
> _additional_ (small) patches to post in order to align the XML datatype 
> with the targeted subset of SQL/XML[2006] functionality.
> I've already given up on completing any of the JDBC-side changes 
> described for DERBY-688 by the August 10th deadline (yes, I need to 
> update the spec to reflect that); instead I'm just working on SQL-side 
> support only (and even that is just a subset of what I originally 
> proposed).  That said, I've been side-tracked with the blocker 
> regression DERBY-1633 and am therefore quickly running out of time to 
> finish the final XML changes.
> While I still hope to have the remaining patches posted by the 10th, if 
> anyone has time to review/commit the patches that I've already posted, I 
> would be extremely grateful.  It's hard enough that I'm side-tracked 
> with DERBY-1633; it would be nice if, when I finally get back to XML, I 
> could just spend time on the remaining changes instead of having to 
> re-sync all five patches with the latest codeline (and with each other) 
> and then create the final patches w.r.t to those other uncommitted 
> patches.  Ugh.  This kind of multi-patch-sync is time-consuming, 
> error-prone, and just generally not fun (one of the downsides to 
> incremental development, I guess...?).
> If there's anyone out there with the time and inclination to move the 
> XML patches forward (by reviewing and/or commmitting), I could certainly 
> use the help.
> Many thanks,
> Army

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