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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject Re: Copyrights
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 17:38:25 GMT
Rick Hillegas wrote:
> I hope that David can commit the work for DERBY-1377 before we cut the
> 10.2 branch next week. Unfortunately, I think David is stuck because
> it's unclear what's required. Here's where I think this issue stands:
> 1) Do we need to add license headers to our build scripts, property
> files, README files, and other human-readable files which currently
> don't have copyright notices? Or are these files excluded under the
> rubric of "file without any degree of creativity"? Does some other
> escape-clause exlude these files?

If there's any question, I believe there's no harm in adding them.
http://www.apache.org/legal/src-headers.html says:
"If in doubt about the extent of the file's creativity, add the license
header to the file."

> 2) Should the IBM copyrights migrate from the COPYRIGHT to the NOTICE
> file? If so, who is authorized to move these copyrights?

My understanding is a deviation from the ASF guideline, if that's the
right thing to do in this case, needs the DB PMC to accept or reject
it[1]. If PMC approval is needed, time needs to be allowed.  Also, one
option might be to do this [2]:

> Leave it as is, or add our license header above the copyright line and
> remove the header below the copyright line, leaving the copyright line
> as is.

If this seems suitable, we should also run it by the PMC. At any rate,
it would really help for any who objected to also participate in this
discussion beyond simply objecting.



> 3) Are there other unclear issues?
> I would like the community's guidance soon.
> Thanks,
> -Rick

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