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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject JUnit unit tests - parallel test three?
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 16:05:28 GMT

I want to write a unit test for 
'services/io/RawToBinaryFormatStream.java", using JUnit.
I know how to write the test itself, but where should I put it?
The directories/categories under functionTests do not seem quite right 
to me. My first thought was to put the test under unitTests instead, but 
that seems to contain files for the special unit test harness that we have.

Also, say this class is made package private. Testing it indirectly 
through other public classes/methods might be a big hassle.
Should we consider adding a parallel source three to be used for unit 
tests written in JUnit?

For now I will just write my RawToBinaryFormatStream-tests as part of a 
functional test for LOBs. In my opinion, this is not the best solution, 
and I would like to hear what the community thinks about these issues.
Have I overlooked better, existing ways to do this?


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