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From David Van Couvering <David.Vancouver...@Sun.COM>
Subject Unexplained diff in procedureInTrigger.sql for JDK 1.6
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 23:30:34 GMT
Hi, all.  In evaluating diffs currently happening in JDK 1.6 derbyall, I 
ran across this strange diff:

< ERROR 38000: The exception 'java.sql.SQLException: The external 
routine is not allowed to execute SQL statements.' was thrown while 
evaluating an expression.

Basically what is happening is in JDK 1.6 Derby is not wrapping 38001 
inside 38000.  The reason?  Well, in JDK 1.6, Derby public methods 
throws SQLExceptions that are *not* a subclass of EmbedSQLException.

This results in different logic in the method 

	public static StandardException unexpectedUserException(Throwable t)
		** If we have a SQLException that isn't a Util
		** (i.e. it didn't come from cloudscape), then we check
		** to see if it is a valid user defined exception range
		** (38001-38XXX).  If so, then we convert it into a
		** StandardException without further ado.
		if ((t instanceof SQLException) &&
		    !(t instanceof EmbedSQLException))
			SQLException sqlex  = (SQLException)t;
			String state = sqlex.getSQLState();
			if ((state != null) &&
				(state.length() == 5) &&
				state.startsWith("38") &&
				StandardException se = new StandardException(state, sqlex.getMessage());
				if (sqlex.getNextException() != null)		
				return se;

So, my question is, should I codify this by creating a jdk16 master file 
for procedureInTrigger.sql?  Or is this something we need to try and 

What also is curious is that this should have shown up elsewhere.  I'm 
noticing a lot of other JDK 1.6-specific master files -- maybe this is 
part of it?



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