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From "Manish Khettry" <manish.khet...@gmail.com>
Subject Writing language tests using JUnit.
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 21:42:39 GMT
I need to write tests for Bug 883 and was thinking of using JUnit. Basically
this will be a conventional language test where you run a bunch of queries
and verify the results of each query. So,

a) Are issues with JUnit sorted out? Is it OK to use JUnit?

b) I take it DerbyJUnitTest is deprecated. This class does have some useful
methods like assertRow/assertScalar etc which I will need. Is it OK to copy
these methods and/or add similar utility methods in BaseJDBCTestCase?

c)Are there good examples among our existing JUnit test cases to follow? Any
do's or don'ts before I go up the wrong path?

d)If DerbyJUnitTest is deprecated, shouldn't it be removed and its
subclasses rewritten to use BaseJDBCTestCase (or atleast marked as


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