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From "Mamta Satoor" <msat...@gmail.com>
Subject Revoke REFERENCES privilege and drop foreign key constraint
Date Sun, 09 Jul 2006 02:44:07 GMT

Based on functional specification attached to DERBY-1330, I am working on
having REVOKE REFERENCES privilege drop all the foreign key constraints
dependent on that privilege.

I thought, this would involve going through SYSTABLEPERMS and SYSCOLPERMS in
execute phase of of REVOKE statement to find all the  privilege
descriptors that would get impacted by the REVOKE REFERENCES statement. And
then let the depenency manager find all the objects that depend on those
privilege descriptors and send a REVOKE_PRIVILEGE to all those dependents.
When the ConstraintDescriptor.makeInvalid method receives REOVKE_PRIVILEGE,
it can simply call DataDictionary().dropConstraintDescriptor(...). But this
doesn't seem to do the magic and does not clean up everything (for instance,
after the REVOKE REFERENCE statement is over, TableDescriptor which had
foreign key defined on it still holds on to the foreign key).

I looked through alter table constant action to see what happens when a user
issues a drop constraint foreignkeyname and it seems like there is lot more
involved then simply calling the data dictionary to drop the constraint
descriptor. In order to accomplish the same behavior, I am thinking that
rather than calling just DataDictionary().dropConstraintDescriptor(...)
method in the ConstraintDescriptor.makeInvalid method, I should issue a sql
statement "drop constraint foreignkeyname" inside
ConstraintDescriptor.makeInvalid method and let it take care of all the
necessary steps.

Does anyone have any thoughts on my approach?


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