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From "Andrew McIntyre" <mcintyr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: extraDBMSclasses.properties vs otherDerbyClasses.properties?
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 18:27:26 GMT
I added XMLTypeCompiler to extraDBMSclasses.properties with revision
377822. Did you have to make additional changes to get this file into
the jars?

On 7/19/06, Army <qozinx@gmail.com> wrote:
> I searched around and found that all of the other TypeCompiler classes are
> actually declared in two files:
> jars/sane/lists/otherDerbyClasses.properties
> jars/insane/lists/otherDerbyClasses.properties
> So is that where XMLTypeCompiler should be declared, as well?

These two files are generated by the jar build from the lists in
tools/jar. Classes that aren't picked up by the dependency generator,
should be added to one of the lists in tools/jar.

> Or is extraDBMSclasses a better location because it works with both SANE
> and INSANE jars?

There are actually three lists in tools/jar:

DBMSnodes.properties, which lists the QueryNodes
extraDBMStypes.properties, which lists type-related classes
extraDBMSclasses.properties, which lists any other classes not picked
up by the dependency generator.

These three lists are concatenated and fed to the dependency generator
along with a list of entry points for the modules listed in
modules.properties, so that their dependencies are also picked up.
JDBC 4.0 classes are listed in extraDBMSclasses.properties with a
special comment that is removed by Ant if you are building with JDK
1.6 that allows the JDBC 4.0 classes to be picked up.

XMLTypeCompiler is currently listed in extraDBMSclasses.properties,
although it probably should be in extraDBMStypes.properties for

> What about new classes like impl.sql.execute.SqlXmlExecutor, which is
> proposed as part of the first patch for DERBY-688?

Most new classes will be picked up by the depenedency generator. If
you are unsure, build the jar files and check that your new file
appears in the correct jar file.

> Is there a preferred location for adding entries for new classes that are not
> explicitly referenced by the codeline?

If you need to add entries for new classes that are not picked up by
the dependency generator, in addition to the three files listed above
there are similar lists in tools/jar for network server
(net.properties) and tools (tools.properties) with entry points for
the dependency generator. Also, as part of DERBY-1424, I'll be
switching the network client build over to using the dependency
generator. It's properties file will be named dnc.properties, and I
hope to get this submitted some time today or tomorrow.

>  If this is documented somewhere, please
> do feel free to point me in the right direction...

No, but maybe we should put this on a wiki page.


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