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From "Andrew McIntyre" <mcintyr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: missing components
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 21:17:03 GMT
On 7/11/06, Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hillegas@sun.com> wrote:
> Mike Matrigali wrote:
> > Am I missing a "null" vs. "unknown" distinction?
> >
> One thing that's confusing here is that "Unknown" appears twice in the
> Component dropdown. I think that the top instance of "Unknown" may mean
> Null and the second instance near the bottom may mean Miscellaneous.

This is correct. The top Unknown selection appears as 'No Component'
in the open bugs by component list on the front page, and JIRA puts it
at the top of the list by default. The Unknown selection near the
bottom appears as 'Unknown' in that list, and I've taken it to mean

I think it should actually be called Miscellaneous on the front page
and component selection boxes to prevent confusion with the null
'Unknown' selection which appears at the top of the list by default.
I've made this change, I can change it back if someone can think of a
really good reason.


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