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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: 10.2 High Value Fix Candidates and Fix Version Adjustments
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 22:58:30 GMT
Kathey Marsden wrote:
I plan to start making these changes within the hour since I heard no 

> Rick said for 10.2 we could use the  Fix Version on unassigned issues 
> to mark  high value fix candidates for the release  and then 
> iteratively adjust the list as individual issues look like could not 
> be fixed by the fix date.
> Long gone are the days where I knew every significant bug personally, 
> could  rattle off its bug number and tell you exactly who was going to 
> hit it and why, but I think the ones I am adding  are all high value 
> fixes.  There are surely many more.  I hope others will incorporate 
> their analysis as well. Here are the changes I want to make.  If I get 
> no comments to the contrary Friday I will change them in Jira.
> 1)  Remove the following from the 10.2 list because they are either 
> not HighValueFixes by the criteria at
> http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/HighValueFixCandidates  relative to 
> other outstanding issues or are improvements that look like they 
> couldn't make it by August 10.
> Please let me know if there are any that should stay on the list.
> JIRA_ISSUE          TITLE          COMPONENT
> DERBY-292     [DERBY-292] Add a Connection VTI     JDBC
> DERBY-1416     [DERBY-1416] Message id J029 (CONN_RESTORE_FROM) does 
> not have a matching message text     JDBC
> DERBY-1415     [DERBY-1415] Message id J030 in 
> reference.MessageId.java does not have a matching message     JDBC
> DERBY-1286     [DERBY-1286] Fill in Clob methods required for JDBC3 
> compliance     JDBC
> DERBY-1285     [DERBY-1285] Finish JDBC3 Blob implementation     JDBC
> DERBY-589     [DERBY-589] hang on shutdown on zOS (os/390) with 
> Network Server when starting and shutting down networkserver from the 
> same class    Network Server  (bug indicates this does not reproduce)
> DERBY-399     [DERBY-399] networkserver should throw a not supported 
> exception when JCC connects with XA.     Network Server
> DERBY-293     [DERBY-293] Correlate client connection with embedded 
> connection     Network Server
> DERBY-1411     [DERBY-1411] DRDAConnThread uses 
> SQLState.NO_SUCH_DATABASE, which has no matching message     Network 
> Server
> DERBY-1257     [DERBY-1257] Enhance Derby optimizer and execution 
> model to support effective use of multiple indexes on one table. Derby 
> currently can use one index on a table and there are many situations 
> where using multiple indexes on a table could improve performanc     
> Performance
> DERBY-1418     [DERBY-1418] 
> derbyall/storeall/storemore/OnlineBackupTest3 failed, unable to 
> reproduce     Regression Test Failure
> DERBY-824     [DERBY-824] Enhance logic in PredicateList to use 
> variant type of expression while determining search clauses or 
> predicates, instead of using ConstantNode or ParameterNodes 
> directly.     SQL
> DERBY-866     [DERBY-866] BUILT-IN Derby User Management (DDL) 
> Enhancements     Security
> DERBY-1391     [DERBY-1391] Remove ids in SQLState.java and 
> MessageId.java that do not have matching messages and are not used in 
> the code     Services
> DERBY-642     [DERBY-642] SELECT MAX doesn't use indices optimally     
> Store
> DERBY-291     [DERBY-291] Debug VTIs should refer to connection string 
>    Store
> DERBY-1406       [DERBY-1406] ij.property in -p propertyfile can be 
> superceded by -Dproperty on command line (without ij string)
> 2) Add these unassigned issues to fix version 10.2.   All but the 
> regressions and the critical issues would be Urgency "Normal"
> Please let me know if any of these do not look like high value fixes 
> or if any of these issues look like they  couldn't be completed by 
> September 15 if a developer were to pick up one of them now.
> DERBY-1585           [DERBY-1585] derbylang/procedureInTrigger: not 
> able to create trigger due to an open ResultSet     Major     
> Unassigned      DERBY-1588     Demos/Scripts     [DERBY-1588] Link 
> "Getting Started...." and "Apache Derby Server ...." in demo.html 
> needs to be linked to actual documents instead of manuals page     
> Minor     Unassigned      DERBY-1368     JDBC     [DERBY-1368] 
> EOFException when reading from blob's binary stream     Major     
> Unassigned
> DERBY-1500     JDBC     [DERBY-1500] PreparedStatement#setObject(int 
> parameterIndex, Object x) throws SQL Exception when binding Short 
> value in embedded mode     Major     Unassigned      DERBY-1577     
> JDBC     [DERBY-1577] DatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo() returns internal 
> names     Major     Unassigned      DERBY-1511     Miscellaneous     
> [DERBY-1511] SELECT clause without a WHERE, causes an Exception when 
> extracting a Blob from a database     Minor     Unassigned      
> DERBY-958     Network Client     [DERBY-958] Network Client should not 
> print non-ascii token separators in message for NullPointerExceptions 
> or other serious non SQLExceptions     Major     Unassigned      
> DERBY-1355     Network Client     [DERBY-1355] ClientDriver 
> ResultSetMetaData.isAutoIncrement(column) always returns false     
> Major    Unassigned      DERBY-1434     Network Client     
> [DERBY-1434] Client can send incorrect database name to server after 
> having made multiple connections to different databases.     Major     
> Unassigned
> DERBY-1595     Network Server     [DERBY-1595] Network server fails 
> with DRDAProtocolException if a BLOB with size 2147483647 is streamed 
> from client     Minor     Unassigned      DERBY-1573     Newcomer     
> [DERBY-1573] Unsafe synchronization in NetworkServerControlImpl     
> Minor     Unassigned      DERBY-1022     Regression Test Failure     
> [DERBY-1022] syscat.sql test failing due to change in size of a system 
> table's column from VARCHAR(30) to VARCHAR(128)     Major     
> Unassigned
> DERBY-1278     Regression Test Failure     [DERBY-1278] hang on 
> shutdown after getting both DriverManager and DataSource connections 
> with security mechanism on zOS and ibm15 and networkserver client     
> Major    Unassigned      DERBY-1584     Regression Test Failure     
> [DERBY-1584] store/encryptionKey_jar.sql fails on Cygwin     Minor     
> Unassigned      DERBY-630     SQL     [DERBY-630] create trigger fails 
> with null pointer exception     Major     Unassigned      
> DERBY-634     SQL     [DERBY-634] Subquery materialization can cause 
> stack overflow     Major     Unassigned      DERBY-1030     SQL     
> [DERBY-1030] In some situations a RETURNS NULL ON NULL function is 
> called when one ot its parameters is NULL     Major     Unassigned     
> DERBY-1304     SQL     [DERBY-1304] DROP view does not always 
> completely remove view     Major     Unassigned      DERBY-1343     
> SQL     [DERBY-1343] It is possible to have duplicate entries in 
> conglomerateId of sysconglomerates before DERBY-655 was fixed in 10.0 
> or 10.1 databases. It is desirable to patch these databases on upgrade 
> to 10.2 so conglomerateId becomes unique again.     Major     
> Unassigned      DERBY-1435     SQL     [DERBY-1435] Conglomerate does 
> not exist occurs in a specific case after dropping a table referenced 
> by a trigger     Major     Unassigned      DERBY-1443     SQL     
> [DERBY-1443] DataTypeDescriptor.isBinaryType() return false for 
> Types.BLOB     Minor     Unassigned      DERBY-1482     SQL     
> [DERBY-1482] Update triggers on tables with blob columns stream blobs 
> into memory even when the blobs are not referenced/accessed.     
> Minor     Unassigned
> DERBY-1495     SQL     [DERBY-1495] Attempt to modify an identity 
> column error after resetting identity column     Minor     
> Unassigned      DERBY-1528     SQL     [DERBY-1528] Preparing "SELECT 
> INTO table SELECT FROM (...)" may cause NullPointerException and 
> subsequent internal errors reported by RawStore module     Major     
> Unassigned      DERBY-1554     SQL     [DERBY-1554] 
> IDENTITY_VAL_LOCAL() returned value is modified incorrectly by a 
> multi-row INSERT statement.     Major     Unassigned      
> DERBY-1574     SQL     [DERBY-1574] NullPointerException in UPDATE 
> with COALESCE and subquery     Minor     Unassigned      
> DERBY-1583     SQL     [DERBY-1583] With grant revoke enabled, 
> defining a trigger whose actions updates a table (from different 
> schema) results in NPE     Major     Unassigned
> DERBY-1589     SQL     [DERBY-1589] CREATE TABLE throws 
> NullPointerException in Derby SQL Standard Authorization after DROPs 
> and REVOKES     Major     Unassigned      DERBY-857     Security     
> [DERBY-857] LDAP user authentication fails under a security 
> manager     Major     Unassigned
> DERBY-606     Store     [DERBY-606] 
> tables     Major     Unassigned      DERBY-1280     Store     
> [DERBY-1280] Derby throws "ERROR XSDG1: Page could not be written to 
> disk, please check if disk is full" when there is 20+ gigs of free 
> space     Major     Unassigned      DERBY-1460     Store     
> [DERBY-1460] Instability in storerecovery suite when run against jar 
> files on jdk1.6     Major     Unassigned      DERBY-645     Test     
> [DERBY-645] derbynet/sysinfo.java fails showing missing locale support 
> due to AccessControlExceptions if derbytools.jar is before derby.jar 
> in the classpath     Minor     Unassigned      DERBY-1432     Test     
> [DERBY-1432] derbynetmats/NSinSameJVM.java fails to run due to Warning 
> "UnknkownHostException: dyn" on Linux with DHCP generated hostname     
> Minor     Unassigned      DERBY-1550     Test     [DERBY-1550] 
> procedureInTrigger has diff under jdk1.6     Major     Unassigned     
> DERBY-1564     Test     [DERBY-1564] wisconsin.sql test failed in 
> DerbyNet framework, VM for network server got OutOfMemoryError     
> Critical     Unassigned      DERBY-622     Tools     [DERBY-622] 
> sysinfo incorrectly requires permission on Derby jar files     
> Minor     Unassigned

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