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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject 10.2 High Value Fix Candidates and Fix Version Adjustments
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 06:57:34 GMT
Rick said for 10.2 we could use the  Fix Version on unassigned issues to 
mark  high value fix candidates for the release  and then iteratively 
adjust the list as individual issues look like could not be fixed by the 
fix date.

Long gone are the days where I knew every significant bug personally, 
could  rattle off its bug number and tell you exactly who was going to 
hit it and why, but I think the ones I am adding  are all high value 
fixes.  There are surely many more.  I hope others will incorporate 
their analysis as well. Here are the changes I want to make.  If I get 
no comments to the contrary Friday I will change them in Jira. 

1)  Remove the following from the 10.2 list because they are either not 
HighValueFixes by the criteria at
http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/HighValueFixCandidates  relative to 
other outstanding issues or are improvements that look like they 
couldn't make it by August 10.
Please let me know if there are any that should stay on the list.
DERBY-292     [DERBY-292] Add a Connection VTI     JDBC
DERBY-1416     [DERBY-1416] Message id J029 (CONN_RESTORE_FROM) does not 
have a matching message text     JDBC
DERBY-1415     [DERBY-1415] Message id J030 in reference.MessageId.java 
does not have a matching message     JDBC
DERBY-1286     [DERBY-1286] Fill in Clob methods required for JDBC3 
compliance     JDBC
DERBY-1285     [DERBY-1285] Finish JDBC3 Blob implementation     JDBC
DERBY-589     [DERBY-589] hang on shutdown on zOS (os/390) with Network 
Server when starting and shutting down networkserver from the same class 
    Network Server  (bug indicates this does not reproduce)
DERBY-399     [DERBY-399] networkserver should throw a not supported 
exception when JCC connects with XA.     Network Server
DERBY-293     [DERBY-293] Correlate client connection with embedded 
connection     Network Server
DERBY-1411     [DERBY-1411] DRDAConnThread uses 
SQLState.NO_SUCH_DATABASE, which has no matching message     Network Server
DERBY-1257     [DERBY-1257] Enhance Derby optimizer and execution model 
to support effective use of multiple indexes on one table. Derby 
currently can use one index on a table and there are many situations 
where using multiple indexes on a table could improve performanc     
DERBY-1418     [DERBY-1418] 
derbyall/storeall/storemore/OnlineBackupTest3 failed, unable to 
reproduce     Regression Test Failure
DERBY-824     [DERBY-824] Enhance logic in PredicateList to use variant 
type of expression while determining search clauses or predicates, 
instead of using ConstantNode or ParameterNodes directly.     SQL
DERBY-866     [DERBY-866] BUILT-IN Derby User Management (DDL) 
Enhancements     Security
DERBY-1391     [DERBY-1391] Remove ids in SQLState.java and 
MessageId.java that do not have matching messages and are not used in 
the code     Services
DERBY-642     [DERBY-642] SELECT MAX doesn't use indices optimally     Store
DERBY-291     [DERBY-291] Debug VTIs should refer to connection string 
DERBY-1406       [DERBY-1406] ij.property in -p propertyfile can be 
superceded by -Dproperty on command line (without ij string)

2) Add these unassigned issues to fix version 10.2.   All but the 
regressions and the critical issues would be Urgency "Normal"
Please let me know if any of these do not look like high value fixes or 
if any of these issues look like they  couldn't be completed by 
September 15 if a developer were to pick up one of them now.

DERBY-1585           [DERBY-1585] derbylang/procedureInTrigger: not able 
to create trigger due to an open ResultSet     Major     Unassigned      
DERBY-1588     Demos/Scripts     [DERBY-1588] Link "Getting Started...." 
and "Apache Derby Server ...." in demo.html needs to be linked to actual 
documents instead of manuals page     Minor     Unassigned      
DERBY-1368     JDBC     [DERBY-1368] EOFException when reading from 
blob's binary stream     Major     Unassigned
DERBY-1500     JDBC     [DERBY-1500] PreparedStatement#setObject(int 
parameterIndex, Object x) throws SQL Exception when binding Short value 
in embedded mode     Major     Unassigned      
DERBY-1577     JDBC     [DERBY-1577] DatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo() 
returns internal names     Major     Unassigned      
DERBY-1511     Miscellaneous     [DERBY-1511] SELECT clause without a 
WHERE, causes an Exception when extracting a Blob from a database     
Minor     Unassigned      
DERBY-958     Network Client     [DERBY-958] Network Client should not 
print non-ascii token separators in message for NullPointerExceptions or 
other serious non SQLExceptions     Major     Unassigned      
DERBY-1355     Network Client     [DERBY-1355] ClientDriver 
ResultSetMetaData.isAutoIncrement(column) always returns false     Major 
DERBY-1434     Network Client     [DERBY-1434] Client can send incorrect 
database name to server after having made multiple connections to 
different databases.     Major     Unassigned
DERBY-1595     Network Server     [DERBY-1595] Network server fails with 
DRDAProtocolException if a BLOB with size 2147483647 is streamed from 
client     Minor     Unassigned      
DERBY-1573     Newcomer     [DERBY-1573] Unsafe synchronization in 
NetworkServerControlImpl     Minor     Unassigned      
DERBY-1022     Regression Test Failure     [DERBY-1022] syscat.sql test 
failing due to change in size of a system table's column from 
VARCHAR(30) to VARCHAR(128)     Major     Unassigned
DERBY-1278     Regression Test Failure     [DERBY-1278] hang on shutdown 
after getting both DriverManager and DataSource connections with 
security mechanism on zOS and ibm15 and networkserver client     Major 
DERBY-1584     Regression Test Failure     [DERBY-1584] 
store/encryptionKey_jar.sql fails on Cygwin     Minor     Unassigned      
DERBY-630     SQL     [DERBY-630] create trigger fails with null pointer 
exception     Major     Unassigned      
DERBY-634     SQL     [DERBY-634] Subquery materialization can cause 
stack overflow     Major     Unassigned      
DERBY-1030     SQL     [DERBY-1030] In some situations a RETURNS NULL ON 
NULL function is called when one ot its parameters is NULL     Major     
DERBY-1304     SQL     [DERBY-1304] DROP view does not always completely 
remove view     Major     Unassigned      
DERBY-1343     SQL     [DERBY-1343] It is possible to have duplicate 
entries in conglomerateId of sysconglomerates before DERBY-655 was fixed 
in 10.0 or 10.1 databases. It is desirable to patch these databases on 
upgrade to 10.2 so conglomerateId becomes unique again.     Major     
DERBY-1435     SQL     [DERBY-1435] Conglomerate does not exist occurs 
in a specific case after dropping a table referenced by a trigger     
Major     Unassigned      
DERBY-1443     SQL     [DERBY-1443] DataTypeDescriptor.isBinaryType() 
return false for Types.BLOB     Minor     Unassigned      
DERBY-1482     SQL     [DERBY-1482] Update triggers on tables with blob 
columns stream blobs into memory even when the blobs are not 
referenced/accessed.     Minor     Unassigned
DERBY-1495     SQL     [DERBY-1495] Attempt to modify an identity column 
error after resetting identity column     Minor     Unassigned      
DERBY-1528     SQL     [DERBY-1528] Preparing "SELECT INTO table SELECT 
FROM (...)" may cause NullPointerException and subsequent internal 
errors reported by RawStore module     Major     Unassigned      
DERBY-1554     SQL     [DERBY-1554] IDENTITY_VAL_LOCAL() returned value 
is modified incorrectly by a multi-row INSERT statement.     Major     
DERBY-1574     SQL     [DERBY-1574] NullPointerException in UPDATE with 
COALESCE and subquery     Minor     Unassigned      
DERBY-1583     SQL     [DERBY-1583] With grant revoke enabled, defining 
a trigger whose actions updates a table (from different schema) results 
in NPE     Major     Unassigned
DERBY-1589     SQL     [DERBY-1589] CREATE TABLE throws 
NullPointerException in Derby SQL Standard Authorization after DROPs and 
REVOKES     Major     Unassigned      
DERBY-857     Security     [DERBY-857] LDAP user authentication fails 
under a security manager     Major     Unassigned
DERBY-606     Store     [DERBY-606] 
SYSCS_UTIL.SYSCS_INPLACE_COMPRESS_TABLE fails on (very) large tables     
Major     Unassigned      
DERBY-1280     Store     [DERBY-1280] Derby throws "ERROR XSDG1: Page 
could not be written to disk, please check if disk is full" when there 
is 20+ gigs of free space     Major     Unassigned      
DERBY-1460     Store     [DERBY-1460] Instability in storerecovery suite 
when run against jar files on jdk1.6     Major     Unassigned      
DERBY-645     Test     [DERBY-645] derbynet/sysinfo.java fails showing 
missing locale support due to AccessControlExceptions if derbytools.jar 
is before derby.jar in the classpath     Minor     Unassigned      
DERBY-1432     Test     [DERBY-1432] derbynetmats/NSinSameJVM.java fails 
to run due to Warning "UnknkownHostException: dyn" on Linux with DHCP 
generated hostname     Minor     Unassigned      
DERBY-1550     Test     [DERBY-1550] procedureInTrigger has diff under 
jdk1.6     Major     Unassigned
DERBY-1564     Test     [DERBY-1564] wisconsin.sql test failed in 
DerbyNet framework, VM for network server got OutOfMemoryError     
Critical     Unassigned      
DERBY-622     Tools     [DERBY-622] sysinfo incorrectly requires 
permission on Derby jar files     Minor     Unassigned

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