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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: remaining 10.2 blocker
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2006 21:13:03 GMT
Thanks, Kathey. I think this does capture what I mean. I think this is 
your proposal:

Priority - Means "severity" according to the JIRA definitions.

Urgency - Has the common-sense meaning of priority, not to be confused 
with the JIRA sense.

For current 10.2 issues:

 Priority==Blocker => Urgency=Blocker
 Priority==Critical => Urgency=Urgent
 Priority==Major => Urgency=Normal
 Priority==Minor => Urgency=Low
 Priority==Trivial => Urgency=Low


Kathey Marsden wrote:

> Rick Hillegas wrote:
>> How is this field used? Does it take two values (Urgent, NotUrgent) 
>> or does it cover a broader spectrum?
> Here is the forrest definition, which looks closely correlated with  
> with what we are trying to achieve.
> If I had my druthers I would alter Urgent  a bit to include bugs and 
> the word "Will" is a bit confusing. Regardless it looks like a good 
> fit for our current release needs.
> http://forrest.apache.org/issues.html#urgency
>    * None: The default. Not yet classified.
>    * Blocker: Prevents other developers from working; or critical issue
>      with functionality; or holds up the implementation of other
>      functionality. Cannot release until it is fixed. Will be fixed ASAP.
>    * Urgent: Is a key new feature; or affects many users. Will be fixed
>      before the next release.
>    * Normal: If this issue scratches the itch of any particular
>      developer, then they should help to solve it and provide a patch.
>    * Low: If this issue bothers you, then fix it because it is not a
>      high priority for the project.

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