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From Rajesh Kartha <karth...@gmail.com>
Subject INFO: Creating filters in JIRA for Derby
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 00:35:39 GMT
Maybe this is a repeat for some. Following are the steps  that could be 
useful in
creating custom filters in JIRA.

Login to JIRA, please make sure you have developer access.

Visit main JIRA issues page for DERBY:

Create filter condition:
 Choose Find Issues - New. Create the condition that the filter needs to 
reflect. Click on "View & Hide" to expose the option to save the
filter under a desired name. 
{Alternatively you may choose to use existing filters from the main page 
and modify it to suit your needs.
For example:  While create the Documentation issues, I chose the ' 
Documentation' under the Components section of
 the main JIRA page for Derby . This showed all the Open Documentation 
issues and based on that I created the filters
OPEN_DOC_ISSUES and 10.2_DOC_ISSUES (adding the filter for Fix version 
of 10.2) }

- Under Filter section:, click on the option to " Save it as a filter"
- Give a name for the filter

 Go to Filter: Manage. The list of filters your created will show up 
here.  Select 'Share' to make this filter a global or for 
derby-developers only.
It is really important to share it as global or at a minimum 
derby-developers,  if the filter is to be used by other folks.

Also I think we should make sure unwanted filters are deleted 
periodically so that cluttering is reduced.


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