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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Placeholder issue for DERBY-1036?
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2006 15:37:55 GMT
Dag H. Wanvik wrote:

>Back from vacation :)
Weclome back!

>My patch for DERBY-1183 also solved DERBY-1036. Fixing the latter has
>application impact (albeit unlikely), since the client driver will be
>more liberal with conflicting cursor names. Being a subtask of
>DERBY-310, I understand marking DERBY-1036 as having application
>impact won't show up. Do you consider this important enough that I
>should file a placeholder JIRA to track impact this for 10.2?
My personal opinion is that since  new behavior is more liberal, we 
shouldn't mark "Existing Application Impact" and clutter up that list.
My other opinion (formed after DERBY-1036 was filed) about sub-tasks in 
general is that they are problematic as they don't show up on the 
release notes, can't be promoted to a top level task  and have other 
issues. So I tend these days to make a new issue and link it.   I don't 
know if making a placeholder for this issue for that reason is 
required.  I don't have an opinion about that.


P.S. I thought it was interesting how you sent this mail out, addressed 
to me but with a cc of derby-dev.   I wonder if a  variation of sending 
the mail to derby-dev with a bcc of folks  that might have a specific 
interest would achieve the goals of encouraging community input and  
getting on the radar of  those that  might want to respond to the 
specific issue.

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