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From Army <qoz...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: extraDBMSclasses.properties vs otherDerbyClasses.properties?
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 18:58:56 GMT
Andrew McIntyre wrote:

> I added XMLTypeCompiler to extraDBMSclasses.properties with revision
> 377822. Did you have to make additional changes to get this file into
> the jars?

No, sorry for the confusion here.  I just had to add a different file for some 
more changes and, while doing so, I noticed that XMLTypeCompiler is the only 
TypeCompiler file in extraDBMSclasses.properties--so I was just wondering why 
that was.  Things work fine with XMLTypeCompiler as it is--I didn't have to make 
any changes for that one.

> These two files are generated by the jar build from the lists in
> tools/jar. Classes that aren't picked up by the dependency generator,
> should be added to one of the lists in tools/jar.

Ah, okay.  Somehow I managed to miss extraDBMStypes.properties when I was 
looking for the other TypeCompiler classes (ex. CharTypeCompiler).

> XMLTypeCompiler is currently listed in extraDBMSclasses.properties,
> although it probably should be in extraDBMStypes.properties for
> consistency.

Okay, I can include that as part of the XML file re-org that I'm doing for 
DERBY-688, unless you or anyone else thinks it's better to create a separate 
issue for this.

> Most new classes will be picked up by the depenedency generator. If
> you are unsure, build the jar files and check that your new file
> appears in the correct jar file.

I have confirmed that the SqlXmlExecutor class is required in one of these three 
files (because the tests fail against jars if I don't include it) and I have 
confirmed that it is not picked up by the dependency generator because it's not 
explicitly referenced by any of the code (it's only ever instantiated as part of 
generated code).

Based on your explanations, I think I'll add SqlXmlExecutor class to the 
extraDBMSclasses.properties file.  I did that quick to see and it works as expected.

Thanks much for the clarification.


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