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From David Van Couvering <David.Vancouver...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Thoughts about community involvement in important issues (spinoff from getGeneratedKeys())
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 22:09:43 GMT
Nice! I didn't know you could subscribe to JIRA queries...


Jean T. Anderson wrote:
> Kathey Marsden wrote:
> ...
>> 4)   Earlier this  week I thought I was one of the very few that cared
>> about quick patch turnaround and patch list maintenance.
>>   Oh well,  there are still 22 outstanding.   Next week who knows.
>> The sad thing is there is a really long list of  very important things
>> that really need to  be on the right people's  radar.
> radars are funny things; people might not notice a post one week, then
> pick up on a related post the following week.
> The Forrest project keeps open issues with patches on the radar by
> auto-emailing a list weekly. For an example see:
> http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/forrest-dev/200607.mbox/%3c2083610.1152774969012.JavaMail.jturner@teacup%3e
> http://tinyurl.com/jqzus
> would something like this help derby keep patches on the radar?
>  -jean

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