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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Thoughts about community involvement in important issues (spinoff from getGeneratedKeys())
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 04:52:04 GMT
This was in a thread about getGeneratedKeys() 

Lance J. Andersen wrote about JDBC spec and compatibility discussions:

> the discussions are healthy though to not just jump into the fire, i 
> just wish there were more people contributing besides us sometimes.... 

Kathey wrote:

Well it just takes time I think and sometimes it is like the hard work 
of  rubbing two sticks together to start a fire.  Once it catches,  
watch out!
Here are some examples ....

1) I used to think  I was one of a very few that cared at about 
    I'd wake up each day to new proposals like: "Today let's change the 
internal  DRDAID to and break every client in the world" or "Lets add a 
new security permission that needs to be in every deployed policy 
file".   Now  I see lots of folks working on compat.  Dave published the 
guidelines.  Rick  immediately asked with this issue  if it was ok to 
change  in 10.2 and talked about polling the user community.  Lots of 
developers are thinking about it with their changes.  No good testing 
yet though. There is far to go.

2) I used to think I was one of a very few that cared about all of the 
outstanding defects piling up.
 But in 10.1.3 I saw 90 bugs fixed and contributions from  36 
developers and testers  from all over the world.    

3)  Two weeks ago I thought I was one of very few who cared about Jira 
Maintenance and having the data mean anything.  I put out some reports 
but no bites.     This week, Rick put out a request and Andrew helped 
facilitate with easy links. I went to a meeting and came back to a mass 
Jira mail attack from folks cleaning up issues.

4)   Earlier this  week I thought I was one of the very few that cared 
about quick patch turnaround and patch list maintenance.
   Oh well,  there are still 22 outstanding.   Next week who knows. 

The sad thing is there is a really long list of  very important things 
that really need to  be on the right people's  radar.  Getting them in 
the hands of the right people who care and presented in a way that is 
meaningful to them  is hard. This community is preparing for an 
explosion of users and developers too, I think,  as folks want to come 
in,  fix their bug and get out.  My opinion is that we are not at all nearly prepared on 
many fronts, from community issues like patch turnaround and code 
formatting trip wires to really serious bugs like the corruption  caused 
by  DERBY-700, security issues like DERBY-65/528 and low hanging fruit  
serious compliance issues like DERBY-790.  How important are those 
relative to changing getGeneratedKeys()?  Different for each person I guess.

But we need  to keep on communicating and try to find new ways to frame 
these issues in the right way and provide easy access to the people 
care.  As soon as you showed me a user hitting trouble with 
getGeneratedKeys() you softened me up #:).   Maybe there is a Wiki page 
you could make to bring attention to JDBC compliance issues and Derby  too.   
This would help to give us the  big picture of what the outstanding 
issues are. 


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