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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Removing an archived fix version from the fix version list of an issue
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2006 17:52:07 GMT
Andrew McIntyre wrote:

> So, I think tracking snapshots while development is occurring, but
> merging them to the release version for searching purposes to keep
> things tidy is the way to go. Once there's an official release, we're
> not likely to see any bug reports against snapshots so I'm not sure
> there's any need to track them past an official release.
For Fix version I think this is very clear.  Developers always mark the 
lowest fix version as sysinfo reports it and release notes for releases 
are correct, users when looking for fixes know exactly what version they 
can pick up to get the fix.     

For Affects Version, it might be a little confusing for  folks reporting 
bugs because the version showed by sysinfo might be  gone,  but it is 
good practice to verify against the latest release on the branch before 
filing a bug anyway, so I think its ok.

For historical tracking past the release,  really only the svn # is  all 
that interesting,  but it certainly  would be helpful if the svn 
revision of the change was more integrated with Jira and  you could  
query Jira for things like what fixes went in in a certain svn range etc.

All that said,  I think it would be good to make sure we do the right 
thing here and make sure we are not blowing away versions that might be 
I can't think of  why they would be needed, but I have not done a 
thorough analysis.  Before you punch in merge it might be good to  send 
out a summary of the new process and a final "going, going..."  message 
to anyone who might see value in keeping this history.

BTW, Deepa, I would say just put a comment in DERBY-1005 for now about 
the fix  version being wrong.


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