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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Derby Regression Search And Destroy Competition
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 18:22:34 GMT
Well we've been putting features into 10.2 for a year now and  from all 
indications we want to make a commitment to compatibility.
the Forward Compatibility Guidelines [1] say:

"The goal is to allow any application written against the public 
interfaces of an older version of Derby to run, without any changes, 
against a newer version of Derby..... (changes that break existing 
applications)  should be a deliberate choice by the community, not by 

But the trouble is we don't really test compatibility at all well and 
sometimes tests are changed to adapt to new behavior and we don't really 
catch the impact to users at the time, so in fact I don't think that 
all  the behavior changes in 10.2 are a conscious decision as they 
should be. 

So, inspired by the Mustang Regression Challenge [2] I would like to 
introduce the *"Derby Regression Search and Destroy Competition*".  This 
competition, in addition to finding regressions,  will also  
incorporate  fixing any regressions that are found.  The winners will be:

 "The top three developers or users who have  made the greatest 
contribution toward a seamless upgrade to 10.2."

If folks think this is a good idea, I will put up a Wiki for the 
competition, but here are the general guidelines:

1)   Any action that exposes or resolves existing regressions, improves  
Derby compatibility with previous releases, or improves our 
documentation of known differences in 10.2 is considered.  Below are a 
few examples:
    a) Find a  new  product regression from a previous Derby release and 
log it in Jira. 
    b) Correct the derby info for existing issues to mark them as 
"Regression"  if they are a regression from 10.1 or "Existing 
Application Impact" and "Release Note Needed"  if they were intentional 
changes that might affect existing applications.
    c) Fix a product regression.
2)  Three winners are chosen  August 10 by  impartial volunteer 
judge(s)  whose decision is binding. 
3)  The winners get organic chocolate  and  of course glory and huge 
amounts of merit.  (Contribution of other prizes is welcome, but 
wouldn't want to make the stakes so high the lawyers need get involved).

Anyone else have ideas on this?  Would anyone like to volunteer as 
judge?  Judges would have to exempt themselves from the competition.


[1] http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/ForwardCompatibility
[2] https://mustang.dev.java.net/regchal/

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